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Sailboats and motorboats coexist with little drawback. The cays are split into three most important districts: Great Exuma, Little Exuma, and the Exuma Cays and are situated roughly 210 km / 130 miles southeast of Nassau. 3,500,000. 5 5.5. Nassau & New Providence, Bahamas. Brokers and sales brokers in the Bahamas are licensed by the Bahamas Real Estate Association (BREA), a global member of the Nationwide Affiliation of Realtors (NAR). When buying or promoting property, ex-pats should use the providers of a BREA member. Expats can use the companies of a non-resident architect provided they have a permit, as all constructing plans offered to the City Planning Board and the Ministry of Works require the signature of a neighborhood licensed architect and native engineers.

Most good contractors are civil engineers. Quite a few of the smaller contractors come from an apprentice system. They are internationally accredited. They even have certified engineers working with them. Like architects within the Bahamas, many civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers are additionally trained in different nations with international accreditation and have licenses from the native boards. Do keep in mind nonetheless that with aging inhabitants in the US, many wish to retire to close-by nations for a “sea change.” Browse all business rentals in the Bahamas below, or keep reading about discovering your industrial property. In 2009, the Bahamas Marine Building (BMC) ventured into site development work with companies on the Albany mission. A joint enterprise was formed to determine a viable future marketing strategy.

Is the place Albany Bahamas’ headquarters? Yes, ex-pats must get approval from the Town Planning Board and a permit from the Ministry of Works to construct on a property or make alterations to a current structure. This is possible; however, the loan could only be granted in US dollars at international charges. Many members of the BREA are international members. Our highly expert at residential construction. The qualifications for licensing are usually not very rigorous for contractors, but the construction business is regulated. bahamas real estate The Bahamas has a neighborhood licensing board for architects. Expats can search for assistance from a local architect or engineer. 4. Bridge Inn Restaurant and Lounge – This restaurant serves delicious Bahamian and American delicacies. On a Friday and Saturday, you can participate in the dancing to the native rake ‘n scrape band, Fealy and the Boneshakers.