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Solutions for Educational Success: Gulf Coast Office Products’ Copier Services

Fotocopiers are utilized in educational establishments for many different purposes. But, certain types of copying are restricted by the law on copyright and the rules issued by universities.

In a classroom the time of students is valuable. A professor can save time instead of waiting on the library for an article to be distributed by printing copies and then dispersing them in the library.


Photocopiers offer a wonderful method of reducing costs at schools that often have limited budgets. Through consolidating and streamlining the printing systems, applying eco-friendly practices and proactive managing upkeep, schools are able to discover hidden savings which can contribute to improving the student experience.

Today’s multifunctional printers (MFPs) allow for students and teachers alike to scan documents directly into the flash drive or send emails to them. This reduces the papers, filing manuals expenses, and energy bills as well as storage space. Additionally, many of the newer models have stronger security features that can keep sensitive information from being in the wrong hands.

Utilizing programs like PaperCut or Dispatcher Paragon allows administrators to track and manage print volumes and allow for certain color and black quotas to be allotted to a department, building or user. The aim is to help schools stick to a their budget, and also reduces the amount of waste and money spent. Furthermore, the real-time information can be utilized to create policies that encourage the responsible use of printing. This is especially important when it comes to schools because infringement of copyrights committed either by the faculty or students may be a serious matter for the law.

Make use of photocopies Thue may photocopy HCM for material for teaching

The printer can be programmed to print monoprint, or color (black-and-white). They use a dry powder known as toner to make replicas of document. The process works with a combination light, static electricity, and heat. Light illuminates the text and images on the page and charges them with positively charged. The heat then fused the toner and the paper making copies.

Copyright Act permits educators to photocopy materials that are copyrighted for classroom use without authorization from the original author, in the event that they are able to believe the copying falls within the scope that is “fair use”. Its absence of clear cases and ambiguous language has created a lot of confusion around fair use.

Schools should speak with an Engineer in Service for the recommended cycle for each month. Overriding the suggested monthly cycle could cause the printer to wear out faster and damage it. In addition, it is advisable to advise the school’s staff and teachers regarding how they can design their education materials for double-sided printing.

Administration use

Copiers are one of the devices most commonly used in schools, for printing out student work, reports or spreadsheets. The copiers available are a great option for schools since they offer a lot of features.

They can also be employed to direct scan documents into a folder on an internet network or sent to email and reduce the need for manual filing, waste of paper and the energy cost. These printers can be used to increase text size for students with certain learning demands.

Certain schools may have rules that faculty members must follow regarding what is acceptable to photocopy. UNR for instance recommends faculty to “exercise discernment” and to avoid copying work which constitute fair use, not with explicit permission from the author of each piece.

Photocopier maintenance

The maintenance of your photocopier is important for keeping it in good working condition. A regular cleaning of your photocopier will avoid problems such as jammed papers or print quality that is poor. Additionally, you should use top-quality papers for your printer. This will lessen the paper’s crinkling as well as wear and tear on your printer and can help you save cash over the course of time.

It is important to shut off the machine prior to performing any type of maintenance. Also, wait for it to cool down after it has had a recent use. This prevents injury caused by heat, or electrocution.

Photocopiers can be a reliable tool in many schools, but they’re ineffective without maintenance. Gulf Coast Office Products provides the highest-quality copiers and multifunction printers and managed printing services for schools and educational establishments. Contact us now to find out more about our options.